Freestyle Soccer Pro Pays Visit to Marco

By Natalie Strom Freestyle football. To any American the term may sound somewhat dangerous. But not in Europe. After all, the rest of the world’s version of football is what us Americans call soccer. Freestyle football (freestyle soccer) is actually a sport for one – where the player performs extraordinary tricks simply by using their own body and a […]

The Little Way of Ruthie Leming: A Southern Girl, A Small Town and the Secret of a Good Life

BOOK REMARKS Maggie Gust By Rod Dreher Grand Central Publishing, April 2013 271 pages I wanted to read this book because it addresses sibling relationships, in particular the loss by premature death of an adult sibling, a topic rarely written about or discussed. Society does not seem to acknowledge sibling grief but focuses on surviving parents and the grief […]

Coaches learn CPR

The volunteer coaches of the Optimist Club of Marco Island take their dedication to our children seriously. Their goal is to bring quality sports programming to the children of the area, but their safety is of utmost importance, too. With that in mind, a number of coaches recently gave up a Saturday morning to take a free CPR course offered […]

Everglades Student Showcase

By Natalie Strom Throughout the summer, the Museum of the Everglades is featuring artwork by local students. The colorful and talent-filled artwork in its many different mediums lights up the display cases in the front room as visitors enter the museum. Located in the heart of Everglades City, only one block from City Hall, the Museum of the Everglades […]

The Reddish (or is it Whitish) Egret?

PROTECTING & PRESERVING Nancy Richie One of the most entertaining and beautiful wading birds to watch along the Marco Island beach, especially in the Tigertail Lagoon area, is the medium sized egret named appropriately the Reddish Egret (Egretta rufescens). Once, nearly completely annihilated from the state of Florida, the Federal 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act was passed, protecting the […]

Mind, Body & Spirit

By Dianne Saywell “Be faithful in small things, because it is in them that your strength lies.” – Mother Theresa When we think about the world around us, collectively and as individuals, it seems it is inevitable that our focus is self-pointed and in accordance to our needs. They may be for such things as strength, power, money, comfort or […]

Celebrating 102 Years: “Grandpa Bill” Tiley

By Natalie Strom Every morning, Bill Tiley woke up at the crack of dawn to prepare for a day of grocery deliveries. His father, William F. Tiley, owned Tiley grocery in Tamaqua, PA, and he expected his son to help with the family business. Bill was around 10 years old. It was 1921. Bill, known as “Grandpa Bill” to […]

Butterfly Time of the Year

PLANT TALK Mike Malloy July is underway; what does that mean? It’s summer in Florida? Yes, but it is also the start of the full blown butterfly season. In Southwest Florida we have a year-round butterfly season, while numbers of butterflies like Monarchs and Yellow Sulfurs will migrate, many of the same and others stay in South Florida and […]

Revolution… Coup… What’s next?

BEYOND THE COAST Tarik Ayasun After reading as many news articles as possible and watching most news channels for updates about the events in Egypt, I asked myself if anyone was surprised about the most recent events in Egypt. Readers may recall my article about Egypt during the Arab Spring; I was cautiously optimistic about democracy’s arrival in Egypt […]

North by Northwest

SOUTHERN SKIES By Mike P. Usher Generally we look towards the south in this column, but tonight we will gaze northwestward. Here far from the Milky Way there are fewer stars and no star clusters of note. However, there are no dense clouds of dust to hide the wide spaces outside of our galaxy and a number of other […]