Newest Fitness Craze in a Pickle!

By Marco Island YMCA Pickleball is a sport described as “a combination of ping pong, tennis, and badminton. The game uses a simplified combination of tennis rules and strategies. Pickleball is played with a rigid, seamless wiffleball and a paddle similar to a ping pong paddle and can be made of wood or fiberglass. The game is played on a […]

Mutual Funds Explained

INVESTMENT INSIGHTS Darcie Guerin, CFP® “Muddy waters make for good fishing.” Daniel Drew, American financier, 1797-1879.  Question: Please explain what mutual funds are. I’m uncomfortable asking anyone because I feel like I should know this. – Gretchen S., Naples.   Answer: First, I’ll give you the same advice I give our grandkids and that is to take the word “should” […]

The Crape Myrtle

PLANT TALK Mike Malloy I’d like to introduce you to one of South Florida’s most magnificent landscape plants… Crape Myrtle. Originally grown in Japan, China and parts of Southeast Asia, it’s the supermodel of the plant world. It’s beautiful and a real head turner, of course, but crape myrtle is versatile, too. You can have it in either shrub or […]

Keys to Fishing Success: Concentration and Presentation

LADY ANGLER’S CORNER Captain Mary   One observation I have made with many people who try fishing and have had limited success is that they often lack two important components to successful fishing: concentration and effective bait presentation. I find that many enthusiasts begin fishing by casting in an arbitrary fashion with no real cognizance of where their bait is […]

Fishing in July in the 10,000 Islands

Follow the Fish Capt. Pete Rapps Here in the Ten Thousand Islands, the weather in late June into July is predictable, as are the fishing patterns. Daily storms are now arriving late in the morning to early afternoon and cool things off a little. The bite is early in the day, and again late in the afternoon/early evening. Expect the […]

Learning to Learn

ARTFUL LIFE Tara O’Niell I often write about skills that are useful for an artful life because I’m often asked about them. People are interested in how to develop creative solutions to any number of life’s questions – understanding that the greatest solutions arise from original perspectives. Anything can be learned. The question is, how do you learn best? By […]

He’s Almost Here!

FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres A lot happened at my last prenatal appointment: I got to pick the birthing room that I wanted for baby’s birth day, I gained another three pounds (although I did eat a big lunch right before stepping on the scale!), baby boy turned, and we did a private birth prep session with a doula. Where I’m […]

Fourth Quarter Honor Roll

The fourth quarter honor rolls for the Collier County School District have been released. Coastal Breeze News congratulates the students listed on their achievement! All FCAT and End of Course test scores are now available through the school district and will be available at the school the test was administered from July 22nd. Everglades City Elementary School Straight ‘A’ Honor […]

Catching a Breath

ALL THAT GLITTERS Richard Alan What do you mean, Richard isn’t here? The light at the end of the tunnel I presumed to be an oncoming train was actually daylight and a sign of good things to come. To my surprise the move I dreaded making from Front Street, my original location on the island for 17 years to my […]