Ask the CFP®

INVESTMENT INSIGHTS Darcie Guerin “There are two cardinal sins from which all others spring: Impatience and Laziness.”  – Franz Kafka, German existentialist author, 1883-1924. Question: How frequently should I monitor my portfolio? – David S., Marco Island Answer: Monthly portfolio reviews are a good place to start. Even if you have chosen an appropriate asset allocation, market forces may […]

Statues and Status

By Monte Lazarus Marco Island is missing something. It’s missing what almost every city, town and village in Europe has – statues of heroes and would be heroes. Some Americans visiting France for the first time, and being unfamiliar with the language, used to ask me about that Frenchman, “Mort”. Every hamlet in France, they said, had a statute […]


Donna Fiala     Just recently a number of us took a trip to the major recycling center in Pembroke Pines, where much of our recycling waste is sent. This trip was a specific request from our own Marco resident, John Coff, who was accompanied by Fred Twilla. Also along was another Marco resident, Vince Kiernan. Most of us […]

What is going on in Turkey…

BEYOND THE COAST Tarik Ayasun It is common knowledge among my readers and my friends that I was born and raised in Turkey and lived the first twenty years of my life in Istanbul. So it is natural that I have been getting many phone calls, emails and text messages asking me this very question. Being away from the […]