Earth Day Photo Contest Winners!

By Nancy Richie To celebrate the 43rd Earth Day (April 22, 2013) and the unique and beautiful flora and fauna of our home, the City of Marco Island and Coastal Breeze News held the 6th Annual City of Marco Island Amateur Native Wildlife Photo Contest. Residents sent their photos in and choosing the winners was no easy task, but the […]

Two wheeled human power!

PEDAL IN PARADISE By Matt Walthour It’s that time again, are you ready this year? Have you been looking for a reason to dust off your bicycle? Well, time to get air in those tires, but be sure to do a safety check on your bicycle before you hop on. Check to see if the brakes work, check to see […]

Tamiami Trail Turns 85

By Natalie Strom Upon its completion, the Tamiami Trail was touted as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” Barron Gift Collier, for whom our County is named, and D. Graham Copeland, for whom the town is named, were the men behind the incredible engineering feat. Since the completion of the road in 1928, motorists have been able to travel […]

The Lone Wolf

SOUTHERN SKIES By Mike P. Usher There are several dog constellations in the sky, but there is only one wolf – Lupus. Consisting of 2nd and 3rd magnitude stars it is a modestly bright constellation in the deep south lying between Scorpius and Centaurus. It appears to be on its back next to the Milky Way. In very ancient […]

San Marco CCW Transitions

On April 26th, Father Tim Navin of San Marco Catholic Church led The Service of Light and Installation of the new officers of the San Marco Council of Catholic Women. SMCCW represents a part of an organization of over 7,000 affiliates nationwide. Along with encouraging other Catholic women to grow in their own personal faith, the SMCCW also aims to […]

Rootin’ Tootin’ Grouper Tourney

The Rootin’ Tootin’ Red Grouper Tournament may go down in history as one of the longest tournaments in Marco Sportfishing Club history. Due to weather delays, the scheduled awards ceremony ended up being a “kick off” event and took place on Monday night, April 15th with the “fishing day” of the tournament taking place on Tuesday, April 16th. After 2 […]

One Father Leaves a Legacy

By Natalie Strom “At one time or another it seems that all hvac (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) men dream of working on the big equipment – going up on the top of multi-story buildings, working on cooling towers and seeing the expanse of the city below. Next, they get into the basement to work on the centrifugal compressors […]

The Spirit of Marco

By Natalie Strom “I’ve always said that the nice thing about us is when you ask one of us to do something, you automatically get two people. We’re a team. Kind of like Batman and Robin. Only, I just realized that I’m Robin!” These are the words of Lou Prigge, spoken on the evening of April 27th at the […]

MIA baseball: 2013 season reviewed

By Noelle H. Lowery Throwing. Catching. Hitting. Base running. These are the fundamental components of baseball, and for Marco Island Academy baseball’s head coach, Andrew Delgado, they were the key to his team’s success in the 2013 season. “The score board is not what is important,” says Delgado. “I teach fundamentals. (The fundamentals) win ballgames.” This was a sound […]

Business Brief: Locals Serving locals

By Natalie Strom Long-time residents of Marco Island, Kira Krümm and Juan Munera, joined forces twelve years ago to establish The Studio Artistic Finishes Inc., a company specializing in paint and artistic finishes for Southwest Florida residences. Both Munera and Krümm represent strong backgrounds in fine art and home design. Krümm’s world-renowned interior design firm, Kira Krümm International Design, […]