Mortgage Burning!

On Sunday, February 24th the community of Holiday Manor Co-op celebrated their debt retirement with a symbolic mortgage burning in front of their Recreation Hall. Holiday Manor Co-op is a senior retirement enclave located on Collier Blvd just south of US-41. The 312 unit community was purchased from the Cavin family in 1996, for six million dollars. The mortgage was […]

Acting up Outside the Box

By Naomi & Karina Paape – Dear Fellow Felines: Wow, was I ever shocked to learn that the number one reason cat owners surrender and euthanize their cats is because they are “going” somewhere other than their litter box. Just as shocking is that experts agree the problem is usually not the cat’s fault. There is either something about the […]

Helping Florida One Yard at a Time

With the water situation in Florida getting worse each year and the water rates going up almost as fast as gas prices, the general public – not only serious gardeners and those involved in the green industry here in Florida – need to take into consideration the water needs of all new landscaping plantings. I don’t think we will ever […]

Angling Wisdom From Local Lady Captain

I so enjoyed the recent conversation I shared with Everglades Fishing Guide, Becky Campbell. She revealed little pearls of wisdom describing her vast experience “hunting” for fish. Becky speaks of fishing with a gleeful glimmer in her eye and prefers to refer to her experiences as “catching” rather than simply “fishing.” I thought it most appropriate to share my conversation […]

Danny Jo’s Delta Blues

Nobody quite knows when blues music began, but what we do know is, without the blues, there would be no rock n’ roll, and man, the world would be a boring place without bloody rock n’ roll! This past week, I had the pleasure of attending the “History of Delta Blues” seminar by local blues musician, Danny Jo. It was […]

La Florida

By Nancy Richie – Florida, originally called “La Florida” or “flowery land” by Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon in 1513, is home to an amazing and impressive array of wildflowers and butterflies. Florida is known for many unique characteristics such as having the longest contiguous coastline in the lower 50 states (1,197 miles), the only State to have […]

The Expats

I have to tell you up front that, after reading various reviews about this book, there were varying feelings as to its worth. A good many people liked it a great deal. Almost as many readers were less enthusiastic. Those who were less enthusiastic seemed to dwell on details about the writing itself, which I found perfectly acceptable. There are […]

March is a great month to hit the water!

Typically the month of March brings some of the best Speckled Trout fishing our area has to offer.  If you can find areas where you have grass on one side of the boat, and sand on the other, you could certainly get into some fun fishing!  In these areas you can fish the same flats for both Speckled Trout and […]

The Rich Texture of Santa Fe

Situated at 7,000 feet above sea level in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the southern range of the Rockies, Santa Fe has a mild climate with an annual rainfall of 14 inches and snowfall of 32 inches. Visiting this capital of New Mexico, three aspects impressed me immediately; the architecture, the art, and the richly textured history […]

Keeping Up With The Trends

Restaurant challenges combine to make a very long list. Being able to keep up with the trends and desires of your guests can make or break your business. As we move into our second season, and making the move from a capacity of 70 seats to 267 seats, we are constantly listening to our audience and asking questions. As we […]