Who wants to be displaced? I have a solution!

READ MY TIPS  Doug Browne  dbrowne912@aol.com  Do you remember when December used to be a great month as we were so excited for the holiday season? Now, December has a whole new meaning for thousands of USTA tennis players – – Did my rating change? To a certain degree, improving tennis players are excited to see their ranking or ratings improve; […]

Indians beat up on the Pilgrims

By YMCA Staff History tells us that the Indians and the Pilgrims sat down peaceably to share their first thanksgiving. Not so at the Marco Y where the Indians beat up on the Pilgrims and the only Turkey around was the Pilgrim team of tennis players. Saturday November 24 was the day, 8:30 AM was the time and the Marco […]

Homemade Key West pink shrimp and Tripletail soup

FOLLOW THE FISH  Capt. Pete Rapps  Pete@CaptainRapps.com hat’s better than a warm fresh homemade pot of locally caught seafood soup on a cool winter’s day? Head on down to the local grocer or farmer’s market and pick up just about everything you need for this quick and easy recipe. You can substitute the Tripletail fish with and firm locally caught fish […]

GETTING STARTED: Expert tips on where and how to

LADY ANGLER’S CORNER Capt. Mary Fink  islandgirls123@yahoo.com  In the mangrove maze of South Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands, fish are plentiful. The key to productive fishing, however, often depends upon your ability to find the fish and to use the existing environmental conditions to your advantage. Among these conditions are factors like water temperature, depth, wind direction and strength, tidal exchange, […]

Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot

BOOK REMARKS  Maggie Gust  winetaster13@gmail.com Author: Bill O’Rielly, Martin Dugard.  Publisher: Henry Holt and Company, 2012  n October 1962 I was a fairly new bride, with a four month old baby, living in Perrine, Florida, a suburb of Miami, only 228 miles from Cuba. My nervousness in how to care for a new baby was grossly overshadowed by my fear in […]


REEL REVIEWS By Monte Lazarus Bengoshi@comcast.net n 1865, the Civil War was draining the blood of North and South. Mr. Lincoln was personally ravaged by the war and was also determined to abolish slavery by passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution. This piece of history and Mr. Lincoln’s remarkable life is the focal point of Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln”, […]

Naomi’s debut

FOR THE LOVE OF CATS Naomi & Karina Paape chestergun@comcast.net Dear fellow felines. Welcome back to kitty paradise! Not much has changed since you left last spring. But be advised, there are still too many predators for us to be outdoor kitties. We have bobcats, coyotes, hawks, eagles, panthers, black bears, the occasional python, and at least one lynx. But who […]

Holiday highlights

GOODLAND LIFE  Joanie Fuller  joaniefuller@embarqmail.com ere we are right in the middle of another holiday season. They come so fast, don’t they? In Goodland we celebrate our season in many different ways. Let’s share a few highlights. • We held our 3rd annual Christmas Bazaar on December 7 and 8 at the Goodland Boat Park. Artisans, craftsmen, food and music created […]

The Bethlehem Project

By Julia Barnett The story behind the Christmas Holiday is well-known and often acted out. God chose the Virgin Mary to carry his child, she and her husband Joseph traveled to Bethlehem for the census, and the Messiah was born in the stables. That is, of course, the short version. And every reproduction of this story is the same—until C. […]

Christmas in the Glades

BUZZ FROM THE SWAMP  Patricia Huff  mulletrapper@gmail.com n the Everglades our annual Christmas Light Parade, sponsored by the School Booster Club, is a great way for the whole community to get together. This year the event is scheduled for Saturday, December 15. Activities begin with food, fun and fellowship at 5:00 PM at McLeod Park on the Circle. Decorated floats with […]