Should you buy a telescope?

SOUTHERN SKIES By Mike P. Usher This morning, perhaps as you are walking the dog, look to the east and you have a chance to see three planets – Venus, Saturn and Mercury. Venus and Saturn are easy to spot, along with the first magnitude star Spica. Mercury is much more difficult as it is so close to the […]

JEWELRY REPAIR: 103 rings and things

ALL THAT GLITTERS Richard Alan  Ring sizing is one of the most common repairs or alterations when a customer’s ring is either too large or too small. To reduce a gold ring, let’s say from a size 7 to a size 4, requires cutting out a small piece of the bottom of the ring shank, carefully closing the gap and […]

A paws to give Thanks

DOG & STYLE Tony Wakefield-Jones The human celebration of Thanksgiving is once again upon us. Thanksgiving—also known as the day before humans set their alarms at 3 AM to trample over other humans for something they call “doorbuster specials.” One would think I would find this more appealing as I am a “doorbuster” every time our doorbell rings. I admit—I […]

Tuscany’s second city

SPEAKING OF TRAVEL Vickie Kelber  While Florence is the big city draw in Tuscany, its ancient rival, Siena, is a favorite of ours. Florence has the art; Siena the charm. Once as great and strong as Florence and fierce adversaries, the Black Death in the 1300’s destroyed a third of the population of Siena and caused irreparable economic harm. In […]

The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns

BOOK REMARKS  Diane Bostick Author: Margaret Dilloway Publisher: Putnam 2012  I would be curious to know what percentage of the readers of this column are women and what percentage are men. My gut feeling is that it is the kind of thing primarily read by women, but I could be very wrong. As I have said before, I try to […]

Thanks and giving equals Thanksgiving

CHEF’S TABLE Chef Anne Feinman The pictures of Pilgrims and Indians may not be based on historical truths, but there are memories of this holiday that thread its way from the past to the present. It’s a holiday that brings all Americans together… and that’s something worthy of our thanks and our giving. In 1863, our modern Thanksgiving came into […]

Can you make the rectangle interesting?

READ MY TIPS  Doug Browne Each May in Collier County, clubs offer the most comprehensive reciprocal plan to everyone so members may experience different golf courses throughout the area. Numerous members from north Naples travel south to play golf at Fiddler’s Creek and Hideaway Beach. Interestingly enough, this great and expansive program has nothing to do with tennis; golf layouts […]

Is your business newsworthy?

BUSINESS BASICS Camden Smith DREAMFly Marketing To be newsworthy means to be interesting. If this were true, every newspaper in every community would have to write articles from the thousands of press releases editors receive each day. This month, we will review what makes business news newsworthy. Last month, we provided tips for amplifying seasonal marketing strategies, one of which […]

Local priest rides for camp

PEDAL IN PARADISE By Matt Walthour Father Kyle Bennett is back on his bicycle. An injury suffered last August while hiking in Maine on the Appalachian Trail had sidelined the rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. After being relieved of an orthopedic boot, Father Bennett immediately got back on his bike to begin training for a 115 mile solo ride […]

Something for everyone in the Swamp

BUZZ FROM THE SWAMP Patricia Huff  The holidays are approaching and more events are being planned in the Swamp. Big Cypress Gallery is hosting its “Annual Holiday Book Signing” with Clyde Butcher on Friday, November 23, and Saturday, November 24. Clyde’s books make great holiday gifts, especially with a special note from Clyde. For more information call (239) 695-2428. The […]