CCSO to escort traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall to Marco

Collier County Sheriff’s Office deputies, along with deputies, troopers and police officers from other Southwest Florida law enforcement agencies, will lead a motorcade to escort the traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall as it makes its way to Marco Island on Dec. 6. The Wall, a half-size replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., will be traveling by truck […]

Vintage military vehicles, memorabilia on display

As part of the Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall’s visit to Marco Island December 7-10 at Veterans Community Park, there will be a display of Vietnam War era military vehicles, weaponry, equipment, photos, and artwork. Throughout the four days, visitors can see a Hughes OH-6 helicopter used during Vietnam operations for scouting and general transport. Known as one of the […]

Gifts for the Traveler

By Vickie Kelber With the holiday season fast approaching, are you wondering what you can buy for that family member or friend who likes to travel? Here are some ideas encompassing a wide price range. For a big ticket item, nothing beats an iPad. iPads are the Swiss Army knives of travel. Guide book, reading book, translator; use it […]

Orion Looms Large in the East

By Mike P. Usher Tonight, Orion the Hunter, rises above the eastern haze in the middle evening; kneeling upon Lepus, the hare and facing Taurus, the Bull with shield and club. Probably Orion is the most easily recognized constellation in the sky after the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) and easily visible in almost every inhabited spot on Earth. It […]

Lights on your Dash Like Lights on Your Tree

By Tim Gorman & Keith Pershing It is common for us to have customers stop in with a question regarding a light on the dashboard. Sometimes it is the TPMS (as we discussed in our last article), but other times it’s something else. Cars today have all kinds of computer components that easily trigger lights. We’re here to help […]

How Old is Old?

By Richard Alan In any given week, I look at a lot of diamonds, lots and lots of diamonds. I examine them for security in their settings, which includes prong wear and tear. I examine them for damage to the diamond itself. Contrary to public belief diamonds are not unbreakable and can be chipped or severely damaged if proper […]


By Monte Lazarus  Several weeks ago, ON A Friday, I had the great, good fortune to wander down to a nameless facility located approximately across the street from City Hall. It’s a formidable place where folks sit for long stretches awaiting their turns. Luckily I was there only to pick up a kit for a test prescribed by one of […]


I would like to take this moment to thank you, Mike Minozzi, for your passion, vision and persistence in giving the people of Marco Island this beautiful and safe second span to our bridge. I watched you over the years work so diligently, attending meetings and writing reports on why we should have this second span. I would see you […]


Donna Fiala Thanksgiving is such a wonderful, loving time of the year. It is the busiest season of all for the airlines, according to their ticket agents, and you could tell by the crowds of people heading to the airport at 5:00 in the morning!! How great that families want to be together to celebrate Thanksgiving! Hopefully each of […]