GE Technology reduces energy use and increases productivity

GE and Marco Island city officials today announced that data from an ongoing, nearly two-year demonstration project in Marco Island proves the capability of GE’s new LEAPmbr membrane bioreactor(MBR) wastewater-treatment technology to reduce energy costs and increase productivity, among other key benefits. GE’s LEAPmbr system, introduced in July 2011, is the result of a multi-year development effort. It was driven […]


Diane Bostick  Author: Nina Revoyr.  Publisher: Akashic Books. Available in hardcover and paperback 2011.  Why we select the books we read is somewhat of a mystery. Sometimes we read something because it is on the best seller list or a friend has said, “You just have to read this.” Often it is a new book just published by an author […]

Sisters raise money for mission trip

Marissa and Madeline Barrett are not your typical teenagers. Most kids their age spend their hard earned money on clothes, music, and other not-so-important items that they feel they need. The Barrett sisters, however, are currently trying to raise money for a cause that is much greater than them. On November 7th, 17-year old Melissa and 14-year old Maddie will […]

Do not beware “The Ides of March”

By Monte Lazarus  If you are not already cynical about the state of politics you may be after watching “The Ides of March”. This film is not about ideology; it keeps its focus on the human beings who tangle themselves in the political process. The story could easily focus on a Republican primary campaign by changing just a very few […]

Enjoying the islands’ cuisines, part II

Frances Diebler The islands of the Caribbean may be close together and share a certain amount of similarities, but for the most part they are each quite different from one another. The islands were settled by varying nations and took on many of the customs of their mother countries.  The European influences are mostly English, Spanish, Dutch, and French.  Islands […]

Thank you Mother Nature!

Capt. Pete Rapps It seems as though every day is a new adventure out here in the 10,000 islands. Every day we go out, there is something new or different from the day before. The tides are constantly moving and Mother Nature is always showing us something new. This past week we had wind, rain, & big full moon tides. […]

Light it up!!! See and be seen

By Matt Walthour  There are many fun and functional accessories you can put on your bicycle, but to me the most important, especially for early morning riding and late evening riding, is a light system. Not only do lights make you visible and feel somewhat safe, they are required by Florida law. (Section 316.2065, F.S.): A bicycle operated between sunset […]

It’s only a rectangle – Learn how to run great tennis mixers!

Doug Browne If you are running the tennis program at a Golf and Country Club, it is inevitable that the two sports will collide. Fair or not, golfers and tennis players often clash but it is imperative to understand the differences. For one, I’ve never met a tennis pro who didn’t want to unwind on the golf course. Most of […]

Russian Imperial Waterways Cruise

Vickie Kelber Early May may not be the best time to book a Russian waterways cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow. We embarked on May 8th, but, unfortunately, spring was reportedly “ three weeks late” and our trip was impeded by ice. From the Neva River in St. Petersburg, we cruised to Ladoga Lake, the largest lake in Europe. Due […]

PHILLY GRILLE, known for variety

Joan Kelly Philadelphia bred Guy and Lisa’s PHILLY GRILLE is making a statement. Here you can order authentic steak sandwiches (also called Philly Cheese Steak) “with or without.” In contrast the menu is vegan and vegetarian friendly. Chef Guy is continually creating, so there are always new menu items. A new kids’ menu is being offered. Fresh soups are made […]