Bernese Oberland, awesome alternatives!

By Vickie Kelber Although a small country, Switzerland makes up for its size with its diversity. German, French, Italian. Breathtaking mountain vistas, sparkling lakes. Sophisticated cities, enchanting villages. While all areas of Switzerland offer something worthwhile, my favorite is the Bernese Oberland. There are 26 cantons in Switzerland, somewhat equivalent to our states. The Oberland is in central Switzerland, canton […]

Reflections from an accidental columnist

By Tara O’Neill The last issue of Coastal Breeze News was a milestone for me. My article on artist Lee Horton marked my one-year anniversary as the Accidental Columnist. Accidental? It started with an idle reflection on how much the art scene has changed in Collier County in the last 40+ years – back when pelicans and sand dunes ruled […]

If I ignore it, maybe it’ll go away

By Richard Alan I realize most men need to be reminded about certain events deemed important by the opposite sex such as first dates, birthdays, holidays, and the most serious of sins… to forget one’s wedding anniversary date. Many of us alpha-males who have experienced “The quiet punishment” resulting from forgetting a wedding date or heaven forbid her birthday will […]

The Grand Tour

By Matt Walthour Imagine riding over 2,000 miles in three weeks time, battling snow, rain, crazed fans, broken bones and even the slight possibility of death. Well, this is what 180 riders will be facing for the start of the 2011 Tour de France. This year is the 98th Tour de France; it will run from July 2 through July […]

Get a chocolate fix on Marco

By Joan Kelly For more than 27 years The Chocolate Strawberry has provided homemade chocolate and ice cream treats on Macro Island. It is now located just down from Cocomo’s at 937 N Collier Blvd. TREATS You name it, owner Nigel Redwood has it. He is branching out into new chocolate dips like Gummy Bear, graham crackers, Twinkie and potato […]

Fra Diavolo

By Chef Bob Aylwin As the summer weather begins to spice up our little Marco Island paradise I am reminded of the wonderful, yet seemingly forgotten, spicy culinary American classic, Fra Diavolo. “American?” you may ask. While it is true that the name in origin is positively Italian (translation: brother devil) and that it is an Italian/American invention, its roots […]

Take Dad out fishing this Father’s Day!

By Capt. Pete Rapps Father’s Day is all about being together and making lasting memories, so get your pop out on the water and enjoy the best fishing season of the year! Here in the Ten Thousand Islands, the weather in late June into July is predictable, as are the fishing patterns. Daily storms are now arriving late in the […]

Who must “give way?”

By Capt. Carl Kelly There are rules governing which boat must “give way” when boats approach one another. The list below ranks boats from “most privileged” to “least privileged.” Number 1 is the most privileged, and number 6 the least privileged. Number 6 must give way to number 5. Number 5 must give way to number 4, and so forth. […]

Pirates of the Caribbean yet again

By Monte Lazarus Heeee’s back! Once again Johnny Depp, complete with his trade mark heavy black eye makeup reprises his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides”. This time, in Version Four, he minces through two hours and seven minutes of a vapid exercise in alleged moviemaking. I will admit that the film […]

Fifth Grade Graduation Ceremony

Tommie Barfield Elementary School held its Fifth Grade graduation ceremony recently. Parents, friends and relatives filled the cafeteria which had been decorated for the event. The theme of the celebration was Stepping Into the Future with black and gold colors as chosen by the graduates. Several students, named below, were honored for their academic achievements. Shortly after receiving their Certificates […]