Sing you Home

By Joanne Tailele Author: Jodi Picoult. Published by Artia Books 2011. Author Jodi Picoult is never afraid to take on controversial issues, and Sing You Home tackles not one, but many topics from gay rights, the evangelical Christian church and reproductive science. She objectively presents all sides through the voices of three protagonists. Sometimes uncomfortable in her frank portrayal of […]

The difference it makes with Alzheimer’s disease

By Paula Robinson LET THE MUSIC PLAY: In the lives of Alzheimer’s patients, the power of music to make a difference has been a well documented phenomenon. Research has shown that music alters the different components of the disease process through sensory, cognitive, emotional, behavioral and social impacts. Researchers have called it a “quality of life intervention.” Although there is […]

From England to Goodland

By Tara O’Neill I met Darren Clack when I was a student in Oxford, England. There was a delightful old-world pub I used to visit, along with my pal, Julie who was also from Florida and also a student. It was there we first enjoyed a room-temperature beer with Darren. Darren was local to the Village, worked in concrete construction, […]

Horseshoe Crabs could be on a beach near you

The Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus), a species that has existed for hundreds of millions of years and is likely the closest living relative to the ancient trilobite (an extinct marine arthropod,) is unmistakable to identify: chestnut brown in color, with domed, U-shaped head, spiny edged abdomen with eight crab-like legs, and a stiff pointy tail. These crabs can grow up […]

Entire body workout

By Crystal Manjarres Q. I work out my entire body three times a week, but my body has not changed. Any advice? A. There are several factors that could be contributing to your body not changing: you are not allowing for proper rest between workout days, your body has hit a plateau, your diet is lacking, you are not properly […]

Rose River Marina held its annual Dockside Festival on a hot balmy Saturday

Rose River Marina held its annual Dockside Festival on a hot balmy Saturday, April 30th. Two acts provided live entertainment: the harmonica playin’, swamp loving Nate Augustus and the Gladezmen and the ever popular young singer Casey Weston appeared with her smooth voice and guitar strumming. Informational sessions for local fishermen were presented throughout the day by the Marco Island […]


Summer is just around the corner. Time to get fit! The Y BE FIT! Program is designed to give you the tools you need to be successful and achieve your goals. Each session during the 8 week program will include: Personal Challenge; Instruction and Guidance on usage of Fitness Center equipment; Person workout plan; Fitness and Nutritional tips. The sessions […]

Summer Camp Expo 2011

Are you trying to figure out what to do this summer when the kids get out of school? Parks and Recreation has the answer for you, Mackle Park will be hosting our Summer Camp Expo 2011, on Monday, May 9, from 5 – 7 p.m. This is an opportunity for parents and children to meet our summer enrichment camp staff […]

Snow Birds Ready to Fly From the City of Marco Island

For the snowbirds ready to depart up north we offer the following advice: Turn your house water off prior to leaving and drain line after water is off. Cover your toilets with plastic under the seat to avoid drying out of the water. Ensure you have someone check on your property at least once a month. Turn on house water […]

Slocum & Christian, Inc. has moved

Slocum & Christian, Inc. has moved its offices to 217 N. Collier Blvd., Marco Island, FL. John Slocum and Tom Christian have been serving the people of Marco Island for over 25 years. The building of hundreds of homes, additions and renovations to homes and condos has been completed by John Slocum, Tom Christian, their loyal employees, subcontractors and suppliers. […]