Spend more time on the water doing what you love to do!

by Capt. Pete Rapps The new year is upon us and along with that comes some changes to our local fishery. We normally receive several cold fronts accompanied with high wind.  It is because of this that we spend a lot of time in the back country where we can duck away from the elements. Keep an eye on your […]

Advice from your friendly neighborhood captain

By Capt. Carl Kelly I can’t remember when I first stepped onto a boat. I first pulled on oars at about 8, and I first handled a 10’ skiff with a 9 horse power outboard when I was 12. I spent most of my youth toggling between two bodies of water, the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, and I […]

Orlando Attractions: The Show

There’s a new way to keep up with what’s new and happening in the world of theme parks and attractions in Orlando. A new free weekly video show has been launched. It’s called “Orlando Attractions Magazine – The Show”. Each Thursday a new 10 to 30 minute show is released in HD on YouTube and as a video podcast on […]

The American Bible Society

By Joan Kelly Two members of the American Bible Society (ABS) John Edgar and David Isais spoke December 3rd at Charles and Polly Cason’s home on the Isles of Capri. Their concern at this program was our military. ABS is committed to bring not only a Bible to each deployed person but also support them with struggles they might have […]

FLIP: The day in the life of a paper boy

By John Patterson Hi! My name is Flip – when I was a puppy I was a bit of a handful. A flipping nuisance, hence the name Flip, a Border Collie, well-known as a working sheep dog. Unfortunately, we had no sheep at home so I worked with my master and best buddy, John, helping him on his paper rounds. […]