Collier county has an estimated 11,720 full time residents who have Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. On Tuesday November 30th at 2pm, Catherine Cruikshank, Ph.D, Director of Education for the Alzheimer’s Association, FGCC will present a free educational program on the topic of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias at Sanitasole Senior Health Services on Marco Island located at 218 South […]

We’re Prisoners!

By Monte Lazarus It’s the holiday season, so the time has come to tell all. We’re all prisoners of computers…every last one of us. When you, or even a little kid, look at that computer screen, you are not really looking at it. Uh-uh. It’s looking at you, and sometimes chuckling to itself about how dumb we are. They’ve quietly […]

Superintendent’s Art Gallery night

Collier County School District Superintendent, Dennis Thompson, and Pat Carroll of the School Board presented Stephanie Simon with a certificate for outstanding achievement in art. Linda Cummings from the Superintendent’s office, is given three selections from each school. One is chosen to be displayed during the Superintendent’s Art Gallery Night. The winning pieces will hang in the Dr. Martin Luther […]

I still don’t know where to stand on the court?

By Doug Browne Good doubles teams have a true sense of where to be at the right time. Experienced teams move to the middle when necessary, cover the alleys when the ball moves far to one side and go backwards to cover the tough lob. However, too many CTA and USTA league players are caught moving to the wrong angles […]