Travel Photographs

As much as I enjoy taking photographs, when I travel I don’t want to carry more than one piece of equipment, nor do I want to take up valuable packing space with various lenses and other paraphernalia. Therefore, all I use is a point and shoot camera, albeit one with various settings and a decent zoom. If you own a […]

A world class game—from the World Cup to Marco

International soccer Well, for the non-soccer fans the World Cup is over. All you have to do is wait another four years (a mixed response, no doubt!) My personal experience over the recent weeks is  that  friends, colleagues and strangers want to talk about the game of soccer (do you mean football?) One great tournament. One great show, Africa the […]

Keep your cool and beat the heat!

“It’s like a heat wave,  burnin’ in my heart, I can’t keep from cryin’. It’s tearin’ me apart.” …. That’s the song in my head as we are right now smack dab in the middle of our 90 hottest days of summer. We have to be smart and pay attention to what our bodies are telling us so we can […]

An eagle sanctuary for Marco

Tract K is the last undeveloped residential parcel of land, and many concerned residents want it preserved. Citizens supporting a Marco Eagle Sanctuary are in agreement with the 2010 MICA survey and suggest the community use be for a planned park. To this end, these citizens are developing plans to keep this parcel of land as a green park, and […]

Camp Mackle: Week 3 – U.S.A.

Mackle Park was alive with patriotism this week as Camp Mackle celebrated the Fourth of July by “visiting” the United States of America.  The week started with a Pancake Flip where campers tested their skills at catching flipping hot cakes with their plates.  This event was complete with butter, syrup, and, of course, music.  Once the campers’ bellies were full […]

Laura Bush, An Intimate Portrait of the First Lady

by Ronald Kessler Published by Doubleday, New York The only biography written about her with the full cooperation of the President and the First Lady, this is a candid portrait of the real Laura Welch Bush. This is not a book about politics. It is a book about a woman who never aspired to have the fame and prestige that […]

Cruise Control

From the opening bars of the background music it’s clear that “Knight and Day” is not serious. Rather, it is a spoof of just about every secret agent/thriller-diller/action movie ever made. Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) is a teaspoon of James Bond (the Sean Connery and Daniel Craig editions), a tablespoon of Jason Bourne (Matt Damon), a dash of Frank Drebin […]

Go west young man!

by Emilio Robau Boy Scouts from Marco Island Troop 234 enjoyed the benefits of their year long fundraising campaign this summer by participating in a 13-day intermodal van, plane, raft and foot powered backpacking trek to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. The Troop flew to Denver, camped on the road at Curt Gowdy State Park, and established […]

A world class experience

Taking leave of the Everglades, the wide open spaces, the freedom which that long straight road beckons opening to seemingly unknown vistas, Jeane’s Jaunts heads to North Naples to the Naples Philharmonic Center for the Arts with excitement and enthusiasm. It was at the Phil in Naples when I first realized I loved the ballet. That was the time, nineteen […]

Goodland – Homer Part 2

Brittney Van Sandt is the great niece of Ellen and Frank Hall, my Goodland neighbors. Brittney, who lives in Homer, Alaska, completed Culinary School in Anchorage and then came to Tampa to take the required safety and seamanship course for tugboat crews. During her visit to Goodland, she told me, “I will be purchasing provisions, planning menus, and cooking three […]