An afternoon stroll at the International Hall of Fame

The drive along First Beach was in itself incredible. As we moved along Memorial Blvd. towards Bellevue Ave., we were only moments away from one of the most historic treasures in the sport of tennis. Nestled in the city of Newport, Rhode Island, and only minutes away from area beaches, it is startling to see this amazing tennis facility?perfectly manicured […]

Living “on the hard”

I never intended or even imagined that I would be writing this article of “Living on the Hard.” For those of you who are not familiar with this term, it means to stay aboard your vessel while it is out of the water and stored on land. Oh, this is not the first time that we lived aboard Grendel while there […]

Everglades City Celebrates Independence Day

Everglades City will be celebrating Independence Day on Saturday, July 3, with the Opening Ceremony starting at 9:30 a.m. followed by an “Honoring Our Local Veterans” Parade. There will be games, activities, arts and crafts and hot dogs for sale. The highlight of the day will be the Fireworks Display scheduled for 9 p.m.; always a spectacular show! On Sunday, […]

Guts and Glory… Tour de France

I magine riding over 2000 miles in three weeks’ time, battling snow, rain, crazed fans, broken bones and even the slight possibility of death. Well, this is what 180 riders will be facing for the start of the 2010 Tour de France. This year the 97th Tour de France, runs from July 3rd through July 25th, covering 2,236 miles. The race […]

Isles of Capri… Southwest Florida’s best kept secret

When Leland L. (Doc) Loach moved from Dunlop, Tennessee in 1955, he purchased four mangrove islands totaling 600 acres. His dream was to create a hideaway fishing retreat. He built a water processing plant, dredged canals, and built a road to connect to the mainland. Thus the inception of southwest Florida’s best kept secret: Isles of Capri. Our neighbor two […]

World Class – World Cup

Previously, I have covered the history of football (soccer), the World Cup, and the history and development of soccer boots (cleats). I haven’t talked about the actual soccer ball, which at present is under much scrutiny. Adidas traditionally designs a new ball for each World Cup tournament. It has been reported by both players and goalkeepers that the 2010 ball […]

Fitness on the Force: above and beyond the call of duty

The Marco Island Firefighters depend on one another in life threatening situations. We, the people, depend on these emergency personnel in life threatening situations. How often, though, does the cynical taxpayer wonder how many fires actually occur on Marco Island? Although one is one too many, one might ask, how many life threatening situations are there, really? Marco Firefighters, though, […]

Twelve Mile Limit

Author: Randy Wayne White Published by G. P. Putnam’s Sons, New York One of White’s older books, the idea for Twelve Mile Limit is based on a true life tragedy from 1994. Four scuba divers leave from the Marco Island Marina determined to explore the ship wreck, the Baja California which rests on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, […]

1935 & 1940s Hurricanes

The “Greatest Storms on Earth” Part IV This is a continuation of a series on the history of hurricanes in our area. If you missed part, you can find it online at under Tales told Twice archives. 1935 “The wind, it was tremendous. You couldn’t hear. And the pressure inside the packing house was so much greater than what […]

Toy Story 3

It was 1995, and I was five years old. I played with my cowboys and Indians; I had fun building and morphing my Mr. Potato Head, and I also had a Buzz Lightyear. I played with my Buzz Lightyear day after day. I pretended that we were flying around in deep space, in a rickety old spaceship, and if we […]