1920s Hurricanes

The “Greatest Storms on Earth” – Part III This is a continuation of a series on the history of hurricanes in our area if you missed part you can find it online at coastalbreezenews.com under Tales told Twice archives. 1926 “We had about thirty people that night to care for. Waves were washing in on the front porch and coming […]

Ghosts of pelicans past

Have you heard the expression, If you can remember the sixties then you weren’t there ? Well I can remember the sixties and they were definitely not here. I arrived on Marco Island in 1967, and while it was breathtakingly beautiful it was somewhat of a cultural wasteland. Other parts of the country were practically exploding with brilliant innovations in […]

We must support our friends…

In the early morning hours of May 31, 2010 Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) intercepted six ships heading for the Gaza Strip in international waters. These ships were known as the “Free Gaza” flotilla. The advertised purpose of the flotilla was to deliver medical and food aid to the Gaza strip. However, the real purpose of the flotilla was to break […]

Heat stroke by far the most dangerous reaction to the heat

Summer is upon us and so is the heat. Heat can be a problem at any age, but especially for those in their mid-sixties and older. At this age, the body does not adjust to changes in temperature as easily, and people are more likely to have health conditions or be taking medications that further inhibit their ability to regulate […]

Beauty all around!

Traveling with Jeane this week is going to take a little effort on your part since these unique ten thousand island adventures are not advertised in mainstream literature. But these trips are well worth the effort. The gorgeous Port of the Island Resort features a breakfast buffet 7 days a week from 7 to 11 am. It only takes about […]

Reflections on China

Beijing            2010 We just said farewell to our comfortable cruise ship and are beginning the long bus trip from the port of Xingang to Beijing. I haven’t been here in thirty years and I’m very curious about what’s changed. Uh-oh…I just reviewed our brochure and am horrified to read that we’re booked at the same […]

Senior Corps of Retired Executives

We’ve all heard of SCORE – Senior Corps of Retired Executives – but we never heard much about them other than they were out there.  Well, my friends, things have changed!  We have a dynamic group of executives reaching out to all aspects of the community offering help.  The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council has ranked Florida the sixth in […]

CRA – Fact v. Fiction

Guest Commentary. If the State were to tell you that you could, for a limited number of years and with an approved plan, have a portion of your Ad Valorem taxes returned to you for the purposes of improving your own property, you would gladly accept that funding.  On a larger scale and in it’s most basic form, that is […]