Mosquitoes – Even their name makes you want to swat one on your arm! But how much do we know about them and about the Collier County Mosquito Control District? The Collier County Mosquito Control District had an open house recently and one of their board members, Jeanne Brooker, encouraged her neighbors to attend, so I did. I learned so […]

Long ago and far away . . .

. . . In foggy, smoggy London Town there lived a little girl who, because much of the time the weather was dreary, could most often be found with her nose in a book, dreaming of a life of travel to the places she read about on those pages. Fast forward, well, let’s say several decades, and here is that […]

Little Ms. Prongless

So here I go again harping on and on about “Rings, prongs and the women who abuse them!” Oh! It’s touchy subject? Thirty times a day or more, I either offer or I’m asked to clean customer’s rings. Suntan lotion, soap, and most basic food groups can get lodged behind diamonds and gemstones making them dull and listless. But after […]

Spring in the Everglades

Sitting on my porch overlooking the Barron River and listening to the osprey as they sing, life is not too bad in laid-back Everglades City. May is the time of year we start to regroup (and relax) here after the winter residents have returned north to their typical Spring days with tulips, daffodils and dogwood trees. We have our Spring […]

Summer is coming . . .

Well, summer is on its way and the Florida heat is coming upon us, so now is a good time to get some key landscaping chores out of the way. Start by cutting back any leggy or overgrown plants, and remove dead or dying branches from trees and shrubs. If you haven’t fertilized your lawn yet, do it now (following […]

The Legend of Leander’s Tower

I grew up in the wonderfully magical City of Istanbul. The first 20 years of my life I played soccer in her streets, ran up and down any one of the seven hills she sits on and drove around the new and old parts of the city. One of the most intriguing, mysterious and romantic sights in Istanbul for me […]

The Back Swing

A common question that arises during conversation about golf is what really initiates the backswing? There are many answers depending on what works for you. Many great touring pros have discussed their own keys to starting the backswing. A club head or wrist waggle is always a good way, and one that was used by many good players. It has […]

Time for the investor?

There have been some great times for a real estate investment; and there have been some that were less than exciting (the past few years). However, the time to buy may be now. Read on and you may thank the publishers for allowing me to write this column. The following does not reflect the opinion of the Coastal Breeze News. […]

Off we go! (But first, get to know your boat and be prepared!)

Well, you and your family have decided you want to go cruising! Where to start is always a difficult decision, perhaps because we all have a different expectations and goals. Some want to day sail close to home; and others want to explore their neighborhood coastline and local harbors; and of course, some want to sail to distant harbors, states, […]

Clues for fishing success in the backwaters

Reading signs are important in traveling from one place to another. To follow the fish, though, the signs fishermen read aren’t the kind you see along the road. The signs we use are the indications in nature that tell the story and point the way. If you are the kind of person who spends time outdoors, you probably are already […]