Men’s Softball

Game #1 @ 6:15pm:  Sunset Grille def. DaVinci’s, 14-11 Sunset Highlights 4 HITS:  Cory Banister 2 HITS:  Donnie Montroy, Pat Baldwin, Lee Vanderjagt, Rick Hanscom 1 HIT:  Chad Clawson (HR) DaVinci’s Highlights 5 HITS:  Bobby Natale Jr. (2HR)) 3 HITS:  Mike Radlovacki & Mark Feola Jr. 2 HITS:  Taylor Goldsmith Game #2 @ 7:30pm:  Sand Bar/Integrity Insurance def. Nacho Mama’s, […]

Green Zone – Truth As A War Orphan

Green Zone is a thriller and piece of historical fiction and even more: it ignores the old injunction against mixing war and politics. Like it or not, the gloves come off and the movie questions why the United States went to war in Iraq. Was it because the Administration in 2003 seriously believed there were weapons of mass destruction in […]

Jolley Bridge will never be the same!

“Our Marco Bridge”  First in a series of Marco Memories artwork by local artist Nancy Rhodes. Nancy painted this picture without knowing at the time that this particular view would never be the same considering the bridge work taking place. Now everyone will has an opportunity to own art which serves as a longstanding Marco Island memorabilia as well. Nancy […]

A Time To Cry…

Today, there are many fellow citizens who experienced the moment of saying “good-bye” to their loved ones before they sent them off to fight in a war and defend our country and our principles. Having personally experienced this rather traumatic moment which comes with mixed emotions, I truly identify with them. There have always been wars for whatever reason, somewhere around the […]