The Blowhard: You Get More With a Wag Than a Bark

I had an epiphany the one night at a public meeting (never too old to learn): I realized that I don’t dislike anyone. Most people do what they do because they believe they are ‘right’; they have morals or some way of governing themselves. I don’t always like WHAT people do and I suspect you don’t either. But are we […]

Read Your Heart Out

It won’t come as earth-shattering news, from one who spends most of her nights and days editing, teaching writing, and facilitating book groups, that I like to read. Since my time is a little more limited these days, I’m going to become a little more particular about what I read. People often ask me how I choose a book, and […]

Did You Get Your Ethanol Quotient Today?

The next time you pump some gas into your car check out the stickers above the price per gallon. The photo shows a typical pump on Marco Island indicating that the gas “contains less than 10% ethanol”. Florida decided to mandate blending ethanol into our gasoline supply so that by the end of this year all gasoline consumed at conventional […]

Thinking of Selling Your House?

If you are considering selling your home (or condo), things are looking up. But before you commit to listing with your cousin, an in-law or some other realtor, make sure that they have gone beyond getting a license. Of course if it’s your son or daughter you’re probably committed. Also, a spouse or ‘significant other’ is an absolute. A real […]

Follow the Fish: Fishing Fun and Forecasts

I don’t usually mention the previous month’s weather in a current fishing report.  However, the weather this past January was so severe that it made a definite impact in the fishing world in southwest Florida. The frigid temperatures caused many species to leave the area, at least temporarily.  There was also a huge and noticeable fish kill because of the […]

Shooting the Breeze

I had a different message planned for this space, but I was so influenced by something that happened this afternoon that I feel compelled to write about it. First of all, I admit that I am like many other full time residents who suffer a love/hate relationship with “The Season”. We love to see our friends return to the Island […]

De-code Sidewalk Obstructions

Sidewalks are designed for the purpose of allowing pedestrian traffic to be separated from vehicular traffic. This includes people walking, children riding bicycles, parents pushing baby carriages, and wheelchairs. The City receives frequent complaints concerning sidewalk obstructions: a sidewalk obstruction is anything which blocks the sidewalk.  Most frequently, the obstructions are trees or hedges growing across the sidewalk, or vehicles […]

Essential Doubles Strategy Guide – Part 1

One of the primary duties of a tennis coach is to either coach or view doubles competitions several times each week. Recently I have seen numerous CTA – USTA adult doubles and mixed doubles matches along with several national junior doubles events.  In our new world, the most stunning change in doubles is the emergence of the groundstroke; the one […]

What’s not to Love About Warm-Hearted Alligators?

February is the month for romance and Valentine hearts, so who would have thought an alligator would make headlines as warm-hearted?  This cold-blooded reptile is a topic for St. Valentine’s Day?  You bet!  The American Alligator (Alligator missippiensis) that we see in the Everglades, and occasionally in the canals of Marco Island, like all crocodilians, has a four-chambered heart, a […]

Mediation – Ever Tried it? ‘C’ How it Works

Have you ever been out with friends, and trying to decide where to go for dinner, but no one will agree?  You ask a few questions, you suggest a compromise and  guess what?  You’ve just successfully mediated a dispute. Mediation sounds like such a ‘legal’ term, but it’s not just something that is used around the courthouse.  In an economy […]