Sunblogging: Day 1 of the Sundance Film Festival

First, a word about the weather.  Two snow storms in two days and the National Weather Service has issued a storm warning for heavy snow and strong winds from tonight (Thursday) until Sunday!  A local weatherman described the situation as a spinning wagon wheel, with us getting hit by spoke after spoke in the form of blizzard like snow. The […]

Sunblogging: Day 2 of the Sundance Film Festival

Day 2 was a first during our pre-shift volunteer meeting: we talked about what to do in case of an earthquake.  Park City lies near the Wasatch fault, which some say is long overdue for some action. Haiti is on many people’s minds and the festival has set up a special text messaging number to donate to the efforts.  The only problem […]

Sunblogging: Day 4 of the Sundance Film Festival

Day 4  — and dare I say it?  It looks like it is not snowing!  Oops, too late, here comes another wave. The other day, I wrote about a film being “predictable”.  As I think about it, I don’t think there is anything wrong with a film being predictable. When we see the ending we expect, it reinforces our view of the […]

Sunblogging: Day 5 of the Sundance Film Festival

Day 5 begins cloudy, 16 degrees, but no snow.  The sound of blasting to prevent avalanches continues to fill the morning air.  I see that it is raining in Marco.  I hope none of my friends dare whines to me about the rain!  Four films are on my agenda for today. The first big deal of the festival has been made.  Lionsgate […]

Sunblogging: Day 3 of the Sundance Film Festival

Still snowing at Sundance! The Company Men will definitely make it to local theaters.  Featuring Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper, Craig T. Nelson, and Maria Bello, it tells the timely story of corporate downsizing. Often when a film has so much star power, it disappoints.  This film doesn’t. John Wells, the writer/director has a long history […]